Philip Yeo

I refer to the series of reports concerning Mr Philip Yeo.

25 Mar 2007, A Star spat: Round 2 by Melissa Sim

The exchanges show two equally strong willed personalities unwilling to lose face over a small matter. Mr Yeo points to all the taxes he has paid since 1970 as a stamp of his authority. I see those as just tip of the iceberg of wealth he has accumulated from the nation all these years. His referral to the invention of TV as one of the many contributions of his generation is mere basking in the limelight of others. Even Mr Sim Wong Hoo has never tried to remind us of his unique gift to this world, why should someone who has never invented anything all his life try to?

The arrogance he finds in his young critics is mere reflection of the arrogance he himself is guilty of. The higher a person rises, the more humble he should try to become.

27 Mar 2007, $228m injection for biomedical research by Tania Tan

Mr Yeo refers to bond breakers as having no sense of value and being worse off than mercenaries. In the case of Mr Chen Jiahao, it was his sense of duty that led him to speak up for his fellow scholarship mates whom he felt were unfairly treated. That sense of duty does not fit Mr Yeo’s description of a person with no value. Furthermore, if Mr Yeo refers to those who forsake his scholarship for some other bigger scholarships as mercenaries, then he is no better than a buyer of mercenary services. Value and a sense of duty cannot be bought with money. The hungrier non-Singaporean is so hungry that he is more than willing to put up with Mr Yeo’s nonsense. If there is any reason why people break away from bondage to Mr Yeo, it is to avoid being enslaved by him rather than to run away from serving the nation.


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