Financial crisis, 10 years on

Towards the end of an interview with BBC (ST, 6 July 2007), Mr Goh said the following:

“In 10 years times, if you come to Singapore, there should be many things for you to do. Whatever you want to do, you should be able to do in Singapore. That kind of change must come about because we need talent for Singapore. We need foreigners to come to Singapore. We hope they will work here. We hope some of them will become permanent residents and, of course, citizens. A cosmopolitan Singapore will be very different from a Singapore which is just multiracial in terms of having Chinese, Malays and Indians. That’s the direction we are moving in.”

It sounded very much like Mr Goh is prostituting Singapore to the West. I can almost hear these unspoken words “Come please, we give you our women, we give you cosy jobs, come plant your genes here as we think they’re much better than those we have inherited from poor Chinese, Indian and Malay peasants.”

I can’t believe we’re unashamely selling our country away. Already we see many ang mohs holding high positions in protected GLCs. And while we make life easy for them, we true Singaporeans are doing all the dirty work on the ground. What is our country becoming?

Certain things are not said and cannot be said and we can only guess what they are. What are the reasons for the govt’s overzealous embrace of foreigners? I can only speculate on three reasons:

1. To improve racial harmony
2. Govt thinks ang mohs are really better than the rest of us
3. Singapore women wants ang mohs

1. As we become more multicultural, instead of just tricultural, racial lines will become more diffused and less intense. As we also actively encourage interracial marriages, racial lines will become blurred so that races can blend into one another.

So far so good. But which are the two main groups at loggerheads with each other today? The ang mohs and the muslims. We have a sizeable Muslim population here. You mix it with ang mohs you’re going to have an explosive mix not unlike Israel and Palestine.

We need to really ask ourselves is it race that is the threat to social cohesian or religion? The current islamic fundamentalist threat is not a race threat but a religion threat. Would a strategy of integrating races mitigate a religious threat? I don’t think so.

There are many mixed marriages between Chinese and Indians but not as many between Muslims and non-muslims. Even if you bring ang mohs into the equation, the problem remains, Muslims and non-muslims cannot intermarry without non-muslims getting converted. So what you get in the end is not a mixed marriage but a muslim couple with muslim children. The intended integration doesn’t materialise while the real fault line between Muslims and non-muslims persists. Unless we recognise that the real issue is religion and not race, we cannot possibly go the right step. There might be a need for the muslim community to relax the need for conversion for the purpose of marriage.

2. The govt sees all the great ang moh inventions like Google and Microsoft and thinks perhaps the ang mohs have it in their genes – creativity. But Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China have shown the world that they can match the west in terms of creativity. if oriental Japan, Korea, Taiwan can be as creative as the west, surely oriental Singapore cannot be that bad?

I once read from a book that the character of an organisation takes on the character of its leader. You have a strong leader, the organisation stresses leadership. You have a kind leader, the organisation stresses kindness and compassion.

If you put an engineer to lead the country, you can be rest assured that the character of the nation will steer towards innovation and invention. What happened for the last 40 years is that we have been led by a lawyer. What do you think becomes of our island? Very law abiding but otherwise very unimaginative. The lawyer charges you with his book of rules so you better comform to his book of rules.

If ang mohs were truly more innovative then asians, how do you explain so many chinese and indian brains working in silicon valley? how do you explain personalities like Jerry Yang who started Yahoo?

Its clearly not a case of race but that of environment that is the incubator of ideas and innovation. What we need to transplant here is the set of conditions conducive for the expression of ideas, not the ang mohs.

3. Mr Goh’s daughter married a Briton and he now sees her and his grand children only twice a year. That’s sad for him. He may have realised that Singapore girls prefer ang mohs so the govt has to import ang mohs to cater to them lest they become old spinsters.


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