The high cost of prosperity

I refer to the article by Minxin Pei:

An uncanny similarity with Singapore. Prosperity is pursued at the expense of social well being. When leaders are appointed by the government rather than chosen by the people, they will naturally pursue government agenda first before attending to the needs of the people. And the situaton persists because our elections are not competitive which renders our parliament a mere theatrical event.

A good example would be Mr Mah Bow Tan. Mr Mah said in a recent interview with the Straits Times that his most satisfying achievement has been the transformation of the Marina Bay area. There is no mention of him finding satisfaction in meeting the housing needs of ordinary Singaporeans. Why is that so? Because the Marina Bay is a top government priority unlike us ordinary citizens who, as far as Mr Mah is concerned, can be housed in the most far flung corners of Singapore.


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