We have to be different to survive, says MM

MM Lee said (ST, 6 Oct 2007) that America’s stagflation of the 1970s and early 80s were the result of billions spent in the Vietnam war and programs to alleviate black poverty. Indirectly, he is saying that we shouldn’t spend too much on our poor and old for that may impoverish our economy.

But is he right? Everyone knows that the worldwide stagflation in the 1970s and early 80s was the result of a series of oil shocks caused by oil price jack up by the middle east countries.

MM also compares us with countries like Malta and Luxembourg. We are situated in unstable Southeast Asia whereas they are located within the relative security of the European Union. He is probably inferring that since our situation is so much more precarious, it necessitates that we have a stronger, more authoritarian govt than those in Malta and Luxembourg.

But MM should also have compared us with South Korea and Taiwan. Their situations are so much more dire, yet they have so much more democracy than us. They also do not belong to any regional bloc or EU, yet their people are not repressed like ours.

MM also said that the EU went into Yugoslavia to stabilise that corner of Europe, but he forgot to tell us that troops went in only after Serb soldiers have committed massive ethnic cleansing on Albanian women.

MM also compared the numerous primary resources our neighbours have to our sole asset – our location. But everyone knows that many primary resources are bought at low prices and re-exported at a very high premium through our location.

MM also reasoned that racial harmony was the impetus for upholding the English language as the working language for the nation. But in my opinion, the most important reason for promoting English while demoting Chinese to a second language is to eradicate the power base of the Chinese speaking masses.

The industrial harmony represented by the NTUC also represented the suppressing of worker’s rights.

MM also said there is quality leadership at all levels. I believe that quality descended all the way down to ordinary workers. That I believe, was and still is the ultimate basis for the country’s prosperity.


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