Opposition yet to show it can deliver, unlike PAP

I refer to the letter by Mr Lee Choon Wah which appeared in the Straits Times forum on 26 Jul 2008. I shall not refer to him as Mr Lee as I normally would because it would be confused with Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I shall instead refer to him as Choon Wah.

Choon Wah expresses his lack of faith in the opposition today because they have nothing to say or to show towards bettering the nation’s economy. Yet, Choon Wah recounts an occasion in the 1960s when, as a secondary student, he shook the hand of Mr Lee Kuan Yew and instantly felt that the country was in good hands, even though Singapore in the 1960s has yet to become the prosperous city state it is today. So how is it that Choon Wah can put faith in Mr Lee Kuan Yew even though the latter has very little to show in the 1960s yet he demands the opposition today to show concrete proof of their ability to deliver economic prosperity? It seems like Choon Wah is applying different standards to different people.

Choon Wah is grateful to the PAP for having run the country well and giving all his siblings a good 10 years of education, jobs and HDB. But all these were delivered only after the PAP has been voted in. Before the PAP was voted in, how did Choon Wah know that the PAP would eventually succeed? Similarly, how does Choon Wah know that the opposition won’t succeed even before they have been given a chance at it?


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