Random conversations

A recent conversation with a colleague reveals an unquestioning deference to government policies with little regard to whether or not they are right.

Government is right to accumulate a huge surplus

The colleague sees nothing wrong with the accumulation of huge surpluses by the government year after year. What she fails to consider is that in order for the government to earn huge surpluses, it has to extract more money from us, be it through tax, housing, transport, anything you name it. Once we realise that the huge budget surpluses are actually paid for by us, it should become clear that these come at the expense of our own standards of living. We pay more GST means we can only afford less goods. We pay more for housing means we have less disposable income and so on.

Government not advertising their good work enough

The colleague also believes what the PM said in his National Day speech, that the government does not advertise enough of their good work. For example, the government has given so much GST rebates but people forget them. What the colleague fails to understand is that the GST is implemented for the primary purpose of taking more money, not less money. That being the case, even with the GST rebates, it should be understood that in the long run, we the citizens of Singapore, still stand to pay more for our goods and services. In other words, the GST rebates far from compensates the extra price increases that we would be subjected to for the rest of our lives. So rather than naively think that the government has helped us, we should instead realise that we would still end up being fleeced.

It’s like the man who tricks the girl into child sex using small gifts like lollipop. The lollipop is just to help the girl overcome the initial pain. But after a while, the girl gets used to being used and no longer feels pain while the man gets a lifetime supply of cheap money.


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