Mandate assured … as long as PAP remains incorruptible

Dear editor,

I refer to the letter by Dr Yik Keng Yeong dated 9 Feb 2010.

Dr Yik points to the unequal scaling of the economic peak by countries in the region to suggest that work ethic is not the same across countries. By extension, places that have scaled the same peak must necesssarily share the same work ethics. This is consistent with the observation that East Asian societies like Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan have scaled the same peaks as Singapore while sharing similar cultures and work ethics. Since the majority of Singaporeans originated from East Asia, it helps explain why Singapore is able to scale the same peaks scaled by other East Asians. Hence, Dr Yik’s ethnicity argument gives greater credence to the idea that a country’s fate lies more with its people than with its government.

Dr Yik’s assertion that sterling governance in Singapore has not diminished holds no water as Singapore lost billions in some recent transactions and experienced sky high inflation in property prices.

The countries Dr Yik refers to where governments have lost the trust of their electorates and which have then degenerated into inefficiency and depravity bear little semblance to Singapore in terms of social fabric and the ethical makeup of its people. We can always find other countries like those of the Western democracies where governments change regularly without their countries falling apart. Therefore, the countries we compare ourselves to must be appropriate in order for the comparison to make sense. Comparing ourselves against countries with similar work ethics like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and even Thailand suggests that government change is no cause for worry for Singaporeans.

Dr Yik assets that the PAP’s venal sin is steadfastly implementing unpopular policies. But the PAP never has need to commit venal sins as it writes its own paycheck. The idea that short term pain must necessarily bring about long term gain is too often used to justify policies that have become inappropriate and not feasible both in the short term and in the long term.

Moral probity becomes obscured when the PAP pays itself better than what Chen Shui Bian could stash away over eight years. The description of the PAP charting through mine laden waters omits the many knee jerk reactions along the way.

Make no mistake Dr Yik, we are not changing horses midstream for the sake of changing horses. We are changing horse because the horse has decided to call the shots and take its owner for a ride.

The antics and noise that we see in foreign parliaments such as that of Taiwan’s should not detract us from the fact that their economies continue to pull ahead full steam. We should therefore not assume that the opposition is necessarily non-constructive and pernicious to our country let alone paralysing to it.

When a nation chooses to brush aside the grievances of its people as mere rhetoric, that is when the danger of totalitarianism is at its greatest. For when we surrender our independent judgement of what is right and what is wrong to supposedly firm and decisive leadership, that firmness and decisiveness can lead our country to total ruin and destruction. The most famous case in point being the surrender of the collective judgments of the German people to the firmness and decisiveness of Hitler and his Nazi government. History always repeats itself. Let it not repeat on us.

While the competition between Starhub and Singtel is indeed unhealthy, the solution isn’t no competition but perfect competition instead. When the nation wide broadband network is in place and many more internet / television companies come on board, the competitive power of each company will diminish along with their ability to engage in destructive bidding. If this doesn’t work, we can make use of anti trust proceedings to break Starhub and Singtel into many smaller units.

Conventional wisdom has its virtues, we just need to be able to recognise them.


7 Responses to “Mandate assured … as long as PAP remains incorruptible”

  1. Mandate assured … as long as PAP remains incorruptible | The Online Citizen Says:

    […] Continue here. […]

  2. hateME Says:

    GREAT article…….

    I hope they print this in the MSM…

  3. smallvoice585 Says:

    Dear trulysingapore,

    There is no need to take Dr Yik’s letter too seriously. This sort of letters appear periodically merely to uncritically declare support for the PAP. They can be summarily dismissed.

  4. PAP are Hostage Takers Says:

    What is ‘incorruptible’?

    Incorruptible – when whatever amount of money (favours/gifts) offered will not sway/change/alter a persons decision to do what is right and just.

    In Singapore, we have the PAP threatening the Singaporeans into paying themselves Millions so that they STAY INCORRUPTIBLE. Meaning once the pay is less, they will be CORRUPT.

    In other developed countries, those with ‘corruption index’ fairing better than Singapore, the leaders are not paid even half as much, yet the country as a whole is considered corruption free.

    While in Singapore, Millionaires are made by association with the ruling class/elites. Indeed, they have little need for corruption for directorships from companies (listed or otherwise) are readily available.

    Never mind the fact that the rest of the population have to pay taxes for every thing and their life savings are with-held by the Singapore government through various schemes.

    We in Singapore are Hostages to the PAP. Incorruptible? Hostage takers/blackmailers do not take bribes, they just demand to be paid. In Singapore’s case, they are paid EXORBITANTLY MONTHLY. They are the worse kind of CRIMINALS.

  5. Packrat Says:

    Thank you for that.

  6. Ian Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for this insightful and well written article.

    Instead of posting my views on TOC, I would like to personally engage you on this matter.

    Are you suggesting then that we can keep the PAP as long as they remain incorruptible and we should be voting the opposition in to maintain the dynamism. After all, the opposition may not be pernicious to our country.

    Should that be the case, how then do we ensure that the opposition not be snared by the lure of money and that they will shake up the status quo. More importantly, how do we ensure that these individuals, should we elect them, not only voice their opinion but account for the people whilst doing it?

    It is easy to say we should vote out the current batch of people however, can these replacements stand the litmus test of time, greed and inexperience, especially in such uncertain times.

  7. rwkc Says:

    An excellent response to Dr Yik Keng Yeong’s article.

    Kudos to trulysingapore.

    Dr Yik seems like a person with a jaundiced view of the PAP.

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