We’ve achieved so much in so short a time

Dear editor,

I refer to the letter by Loke Kong dated 1 Jan 2010.

Mr Kong starts by saying that Singapore is blessed to have an able and honest government that has integrity and anticipates change with uncanny accuracy. I beg to differ. Temasek Holdings lost billions of dollars in some of its holdings. An able government would not have let that happen. An honest government will admit to mistakes readily. But our govenment continues to deny its role in the sudden and drastic increase in flat prices. Far from anticipating change with uncanny accuracy, the recent financial crisis has totally caught our government unawares.

Mr Kong says the changes that have taken place here since 1950s is no mean feat and he has yet to come across another government, another country that has achieved so much in so short a time. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea are three other places that have achieved so much in so short a time.

Mr Kong gives thanks to the government for its far sightedness in preventing any crisis from worsening before overcoming it. But every crisis handling is like fire fighting, hardly warranting the phrase “far sightedness”.

Yes Singapore will keeping changing for the better, including changing its government for the better.


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