Dear Mr Calvin Cheng,

I refer to your remarks in parliament as reported by Straits Times on 28 Apr 2010.

You said to allow losers of elections into parliament flies in the face of a democratic election and is a slap to those who voted against them. But voters don’t vote against candidates, they vote for candidates. You do not put a cross on the ballot paper to indicate who you do not want in the parliament. You put a cross on the ballot paper to indicate who you want in parliament. Therefore, your claim that it is a slap to those who voted against losers of elections is nonsense since they didn’t vote against the losers to begin with.

Also, in some wards the PAP may garner some 55% of votes against the opposition’s 45%. In such cases, our so called democratic election leaves 45% of voters without their choice representation. How ironic is that? 45% of voters in a ward are left without representation and that to you doesn’t fly in the face of democracy? Only 55% of voters voted for you and you have the swagger to behave as though you are a through and through winner? You lost, you lost 45% of the votes. How much more emphatic can you be about the fact that you hardly won over half of your electorate? If you lose 45% of your marks in your exam, yes you pass, but nobody’s going to think that you are very smart.

Furthemore, many virtually unknown PAP candidates enter the parliament by riding on the coat tails of heavy weight ministers. They have not proven themselves that they could win on their own merits, yet they have seats. What kind of victory is that?

As My Sylvia Lim have said in parliament, for someone who didn’t even contest, you have no right to criticise the losers and yet you have the cheek to do so.

You are a waste of tax payer’s money.


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