Hangman author’s comment an insult to Singaporeans

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the forum letter by Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim dated 9 Aug 2010.

Mrs Singh-Lim found Mr Alan Shadrake’s assertion that Singaporeans mostly have to grovel to the government to lead a normal life inaccurate and insulting. She used her own example as a proud, first generation Singaporean who has never grovelled to the government or to the judiciary as proof otherwise.

Mr Shadrake used the word ‘mostly’ to mean most Singaporeans, not all Singaporeans. Thus, Mrs Singh-Lim’s single example to the contrary does not disprove Mr Shadrake’s assertion that Singaporeans mostly grovel to the government. Mr Shadrake’s assertion may well be inaccurate but unless we conduct a survey on the population, we will never know how accurate or inaccurate it is.

As far as insult is concerned, while it is understandable that Mrs Singh-Lim should feel insulted, she should also realise that it is not Mr Shadrake’s intention to insult if he truly believes in what he purports.

If as Mrs Singh-Lim says, Mr Shadrake is merely here to expose the alleged tyranny of our judicial system, then the best way to thwart his intentions is not to ban his books but to conduct a thorough, fair and non-politically motivated survey of Singaporeans to disprove his case. If we follow Mrs Singh-Lim’s advice, we would be merely muffling his mouth without establishing the truth.


One Response to “Hangman author’s comment an insult to Singaporeans”

  1. Goh Says:

    If i remember correctly our state media did not official published about the statement about “Singaporeans mostly have to grovel to the government “, it is actually good that our dear state media slapping their faces when they mentioned that Mr Shadrake’s comment when they published Mrs Ivy Singh-Lim’s letter.

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