Glory of the Great Harmony

Dear Mr Lu Pin Qiang,

I refer to your article which first appeared in Malaysia’s Sin Chew Daily and was subsequently reproduced by the Straits Times on 17 Sept 2010.

You expressed deep admiration for MM Lee’s great foresight and pragmatism. But MM Lee didn’t foresee that our population growth will slow down and was thus wrong with his stop at two policy. MM Lee didn’t foresee that our electronics industry would migrate en masse to China about a decade ago causing us to frantically search for the replacement biomedical industry. MM Lee couldn’t even see the global financial crisis coming and couldn’t see when was the right time to enter into the market thus causing us to lose billions. So much for having great foresight.

The mixing of all races under HDB rules and the forbiddance of the majority race from oppressing the minorities does not explain why Singapore enjoys racial harmony today. Our first Chief Minister, Mr David Marshall, was a minority candidate elected by the majority race long before such rules were even thought of. Similarly, one of our opposition leaders, Mr JB Jeyaretnam also won in 1981, around the same time HDB racial quotas were introduced in 1980. So the majority race had supported minority candidates long before such rules were entrenched.


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