Temasek asks anti-Govt website to change name

Dear Temasek Holdings,

I refer to the 16 Oct 2010 Straits Times report of your letter requesting the Temasek Review website to stop using the good name of ‘Temasek Review’.

While Temasek Holdings has been naming its annual reports ‘Temasek Review’ since 2004, it doesn’t automatically translate to the fact that the great majority of Singaporeans know this. The supposed stakeholders with which the name ‘Temasek Review’ has become well known are probably Temasek Holdings’ partners which cannot be significantly numerous considering that Temasek Holdings is not even a public listed company so the great majority of Singaporeans would have no use for Temasek Holdings’ annual reports.

Thus, it seems unfair and unreasonable that Temasek Holdings should claim that the Temasek Review website has capitalised on the goodwill and reputation of the name of your annual reports since there is hardly any proof that many people read your annual reports. It would be good if Temasek Holdings can provide download statistics to prove the ‘reputation’ of the Temasek review annual reports and show that it is indeed significant compared to the traffic that the Temasek Review website has been getting.

What is misleading is probably Temasek Holding’s claim that your ‘Temasek Review’ annual reports have a certain ‘reputation’. An independent survey can be commissioned to find out how many Singaporeans actually know that a ‘Temasek Review’ annual report actually exists or how many actually got to know of it only after reading about it in the news recently. To claim ‘reputation’ when there is none would indeed be irresponsible.

Temasek Holdings should not quote the principles of transparency, accountability and responsibility unless it is also willing to abide by those same principles. On the basis of transparency, accountability and responsibility, I humbly request that Temasek Holdings provide download statistics for its annual reports and also commission an independent survey supervised and monitored by both the PAP and the opposition parties to find out what percentage of Singaporeans actually know that the ‘Temasek Review’ annual report actually exists before reading about it in the news recently.


One Response to “Temasek asks anti-Govt website to change name”

  1. Denise Says:

    Ich denke ich bin kein Schleimer und es ist das für mich erste Mal, dass ich einen Kommentar in einem Blog zurücklasse, aber muss ich dir danken!

    Bis morgen muss ich ein Referat schreiben – dein “Artikel” hier hilft mir dabei wirklich.
    Deshalb bitte ich darum, ob ich diesen Blogpost mit URL Verweis nutzen darf?

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