Prosecutor: Baseless attack on judiciary

Dear Deputy Senior State Council,

I refer to the 19 Oct 2010 Straits Times report of your court arguments against Mr Alan Shadrake.

You said that (part of) the title of Mr Shadrake’s book “Singapore Justice in the Dock” clearly suggests that the book is out to judge the judges of Singapore. However, the word ‘justice’ doesn’t clearly refer to judges. It more likely refers to judgement. Our Chief Justice has recently conceded that there is nothing wrong with judging judgements. Hence, there is nothing wrong with the title of the book and the word ‘justice’ should not be misinterpreted as ‘judges’.

As far as I know, all judicial outcomes involving political figures have always ended in favour of the ruling party. While that doesn’t necessarily constitute compliance on the part of our judges, the outcome has nonetheless always been the muzzling of political dissent.

Take the recent case of MM and PM Lee’s suing of the IHT for stating the Lee political dynasty as a matter of fact. Since it is the Lee family making an accusation on the IHT, shouldn’t the onus be on the Lee family to prove their case as required under the principle of innocent until proven guilty? So the first thing the court should have done is to require the Lee family to show that a statement of the fact that the Singapore prime ministership has spanned across generations in the Lee family is indeed an insinuation of nepotism. Until the Lee family has proven that, why should the IHT be required to answer any charges to prove its own innocence? Wouldn’t that constitute guilty until proven innocent instead?


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