A disempowered generation?

Dear SM Goh,

I refer to the 30 Oct 2010 Straits Times report of your reply to Mr Lim Zi Rui during the NTU Ministerial Forum.

There are more foreigners here than just those who are building flats and halls of residences. Not all of them are doing jobs that can’t be done by Singaporeans. Many old folks find difficulty competing with these cheaper foreign imports for jobs. As long as they are not required to serve National Service, it would be difficult to ask them to help defend Singapore.

You can help make Singaporeans feel a greater sense of belonging by ensuring that the government is for the people and by the people, not for itself and by itself.

Sky high property prices and severe over-crowdedness despite constant pleas from the people suggest that you are no longer working for us. I can’t see what else you are working for other than for your millions.


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