Youngsters proud to be Singaporean

Dear Dr Ng,

I refer to the 3 Nov 2010 Straits Times report of your comments at the National Education seminar.

It was reported that 95% of students surveyed love and are proud of Singapore. But love for Singapore doesn’t translate to love for the government or its policies. If you performed a similar poll on students in Myanmar, you may also find that 95% of them love Myanmar but hate the military junta too.

It was also reported that 90% of national servicemen would defend Singapore. We must take this with a pinch of salt. Until the day really comes, you never know who will stay and who will run away.

Student Berwin Chan expresses youthful ignorance when he says that the advantages of foreigners outweigh disadvantages. He should have understood from his lessons in school, the law of diminishing returns. You can’t keep adding an ingredient indefinitely without reaching a point where there is no additional benefit or where harmful effects start to dominate. So while having some foreigners does spice up the economy, having too many of them creates more problems than it solves.

Your single success example shows that the Singapore system has worked for you but not necessarily for everyone. For every one person like yourself who has made it to the top, how many thousands or hundreds of thousands didn’t make it?


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