S’pore a top choice for young and educated

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to your 11 Nov 2010 report of Gallup’s Potential Net Migration Index 2010.

Contrary to what was reported, Singapore is not the top choice destination for the young and educated. In absolute numbers, we are the 10th and 6th most sought after destination for youths and the educated respectively as shown below:

Rank Country Net no. of youths wishing to migrate in
1 United States 472,264,000
2 United Kingdom 145,211,200
3 France 109,951,588
4 Canada 103,282,130
5 Spain 64,571,037
6 Germany 53,819,700
7 Australia 51,354,720
8 Italy 44,743,468
9 Japan 29,297,400
10 Singapore 27,261,879
Rank Country Net no. of educated wishing to migrate in
1 Canada 49,410,720
2 Spain 49,350,721
3 Australia 42,119,880
4 United States 37,284,000
5 Germany 32,618,000
6 Singapore 16,093,139

It is not the only Asian country that will escape a brain drain. Malaysia too can potentially receive a net of more than three million educated people wishing to migrate to Malaysia.


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