S’poreans to gain from strong Govt revenue

Dear PM Lee,

I refer to the 29 Nov 2010 Straits Times report of your speech at the NUS University Cultural Centre.

You pledged a lot to improve the lives of the people. But your pledge seems to come only once every five years. Why should we vote for you rather than for someone who will work to improve our lives at all times?

You said it was far better to face ‘problems of success’ than problems of unemployment and lack of confidence in the economy to justify your grow-at-all-costs strategy. However, if we had grown at an optimal pace rather than at all costs, we would still have enjoyed success but we wouldn’t have had the ‘problems of success’ that are actually problems of over-stretching ourselves.

While it is true that Singapore was hit by the global financial crisis two years ago, it doesn’t mean that growing-at-costs was the only way for us to climb out of the crisis. In fact, there is nothing we could have done that would have mattered had the US not turned the crisis around eventually.

You said there is no shortage of funds like housing grants to help the needy. Of course there is no shortage of funds. The price of HDB flats have increased by $100,000 across the board. Your ministry is making more money from the people than the $40,000 it is dishing out to the people. So of course there is no shortage of funds.

You have pledged to keep public housing affordable. But your concept of affordable is different from those of the people. Your concept of affordable is for the people to pay ever higher prices that are shooting through the roof. Our concept of affordable is stable prices that do not outstrip salary increases.


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