Don’t oppose for sake of opposition

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 28 Feb 2011 letter by Mr Steven Thng.

Mr Thng says that no voters in Aljunied GRC will be affected because the land shifted there from Hougang is uninhabited. But seven polling districts have been lost to Ang Mo Kio while six new ones are being gained from Marine Parade. So the changes aren’t insignificant and therefore the accusation of gerrymandering appears reasonable. Mr Thng wouldn’t be so perplexed if he could see the full picture instead of focusing only on the uninhabited plot of land.

Mr Thng also says that the elections committee is fairer now because GRCs are now smaller. But any GRC is itself unfair so just because the situation is slightly less unfair now doesn’t change the fact that it is still unfair.

So contrary to what Mr Thng says, the opposition is not opposing for opposing’s sake. Instead, it is Mr Thng who is supporting for supporting’s sake.

Mr Thng says we need mature opposition parties who agree with good policies. Is Mr Thng blind or sleeping over the last four years? So many bad policies over the last four years that require redress, what good policies does Mr Thng want the opposition to agree to?

The goal for the nation is often used as an excuse to pursue goals that seem to benefit the government while detrimental to the people. Perhaps it is Mr Thng who has to answer his own call to be more mature and to reflect on issues better and not end up daft like MM Lee makes us out to be.


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