DPM Wong questions opposition​’s GRC motives

Dear Mr Wong,

I refer to the 24 Mar 2011 Straits Times articles:
– DPM Wong questions opposition’s GRC motives
– Need to ‘look beyond Chinese-educated candidates’

It is unbecoming of a deputy prime minister to insinuate that the opposition wants to win a GRC just because it wants to make history by becoming the first to do so. Do you have very good reasons for saying that? You are not going to stand corrected like MM Lee did, are you?

82 out of 84 seats won. The PAP is already more than strong enough. What good making it even stronger? No, what we need now is not for PAP to be stronger than it already is. What we need now is to vote in a stronger opposition to counteract the bungling, staunch and unrepentant PAP government.

You said PAP renewal is about serving Singapore’s interests. But Singaporeans in Potong Pasir and Hougang had to wait for so many years before lift upgrading was offered. How do you expect Singaporeans to believe that PAP is about serving Singapore’s interests?

As a Singaporean, I don’t feel short changed just because the opposition has yet to reveal more candidates. The opposition has a tough job coordinating amongst so many parties. It of course needs more time to finalise candidates. As long as sufficient time is given to the opposition to campaign and to properly introduce its candidates, I would be more than happy.

You said decisions you make will be in the national interest. You mean withholding lift upgrading from Potong Pasir and Hougang for so many years is also of national interest?


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