Rookie in single ward makes even less sense

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 6 Apr 2011 letters by Mdm Monica Chia and Mdm Yeap Kin Han.

Mdm Chia argues that it is unfair to expect a young candidate to prove her worth in a single-member constituency. Is it fair then for Singaporeans to accept a young candidate who sneaked into the parliament unproven?

Leadership renewal doesn’t have to depend on sneaking in unproven candidates through the backdoor. A worthwhile candidate will be more than willing to volunteer his or her time at meet-the-people sessions, sit in town council meetings and so on to gain experience.

Mdm Yeap argues that we all need mentors and mentoring is even more important when serving the country. But there is no denying the candidates’ rights to mentorship after they’ve won their places in parliament through their own merits.

Mdm Yeap also preaches that we should not take for granted our peaceful and vibrant society now. It is precisely because we treasure our peace and vibrance that we must all the more make sure that candidates demonstrate their credibility by passing the election test.


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