Hougang resident: I don’t get upgrading, so can I pay less tax?

Dear PM Lee,

I refer to the 6 Apr 2011 Straits Times report of your comments at the Kent Ridge Ministerial forum.

You said HDB upgrading is a national programme. If it is a national programme, it should apply to the entire nation equally, not preferentially to PAP wards only.

You said HDB upgrading is something extra compared to roads, trains and so on which is for everybody. But every dollar spent on HDB upgrading means one less dollar for roads, trains and so on. Hence every dollar, whether for HDB upgrading or otherwise, should be for everybody rather than for PAP wards only.

You said HDB upgrading is for those who supported government policies that delivered these good things. But a sizeable percentage of voters in opposition wards voted for the PAP. Since they supported your policies, why are you penalising them? There are also voters in PAP wards who did not vote for PAP. Why are you rewarding them when they didn’t support your policies?

Also, it is presumptuous to say that government policies delivered these good things. Referring to the 13 Apr 2011 Straits Times forum letter by Mr Eugene Tan, you can have, in the case of Belgium, a government forming one year after elections without affecting the proper functioning of the country. You can also have, in the case of Japan, success in spite of politicians. Hence, it is always possible that the good things we have, we would have even without this government or in spite of this government. In fact, the common East Asian success suggests that our good things have more to do with our East Asian heritage rather than due to our government.

As the prime minister of this country, it is your duty to treat every citizen equally without favour. If you cannot put country above party politics, you are not fit to be our prime minister.


One Response to “Hougang resident: I don’t get upgrading, so can I pay less tax?”

  1. KHTan Says:

    Quite frankly he will not change his mind, whether you write a nice letter or a not so nice letter, rank and complaint, or even migrate; why should he, the HDB upgrading has worked well for them in the past.

    The only sure way for him to change his mind and make him ‘wakeup his idea’ is to get as many as possible not to vote for them.

    If we feel strongly about it, try convincing our sphere of influence and get them to convince another and so on.

    If we could convince 10 persons on the first day and each of them can persuade another 10 on the 2nd day, by the 5th day we could have reach 100K or about the size of a 4 person GRC.

    For this election there are some chance for us to vote for more oppositions as the Singapore born citizen (and those already Singaporean ‘culturally’) is still more than the rest, not so sure about it in the next election 5 years time.

    The ball is on our court not theirs.

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