Lesson in love for country during tough times

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 15 Apr 2011 Straits Times report on new PAP candidate MG Chan Chun Sing.

On the question of how to keep society cohesive, MG Chan says there is a need for the government to discuss issues more and for the people to understand it is not always possible to have what they want. This sounds like more of the same thing, the government telling us what we can or cannot have. If this is what MG Chan is going to do to keep us cohesive, he might as well balek kampung. If we are going to have more generals tell us what we can or cannot have, we might as well be a military junta. This is our country, we should decide what we want for the country. His job is to fulfil the wishes of the people, not impose his wishes on the people.

On the question of two-party system, MG Chan posits that people want a strong government to keep Singapore afloat. But look at what a strong government has brought us? Denials after screw ups followed by more denials. If strong government means denials after screw ups, we will rather not have it. Just look at Hong Kong, no strong government and yet floating just as well as Singapore. Hong Kong is a good example why we can float well without strong government.

He asked what is stopping people from providing alternative perspectives and views. But without voting rights in parliament, any alternative perspectives or views are simply brushed aside by our strong government. People raised alarm bells about rising housing prices four years ago. It wasn’t acted upon. Instead there were denials after denials until prices finally reached stratosphere.

MG Chan looks like someone who is not going to add any value to our parliament. Pity he is one of those touted to be the future PM.


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