Aljunied: Her checklist for credibilit​y

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 29 Apr 2011 letter by Ms Grace Chua.

Ms Chua uses Mr George Yeo’s accomplishments as a minister to ask what Mr Low Thia Khiang has to show. What does Ms Chua want Mr Low to show? To show that he has done ministerial work even though he is not a minister? Mr Low has excelled in his capacity as an opposition MP. He has proven himself more than adequately to move on the next stage.

Ms Chua doubts Mr Chen Show Mao’s ability to relate to local issues after being away for 30 years. If even the PAP, which has been in charge over the last 30 years, cannot but lose touch with local issues resulting in policies that deviate far from the people’s hearts, what more does Ms Chua expect from Mr Chen?


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