All slogans, no action, says PAP team of Workers’ Party

Dear Ministers,

I refer to the 30 Apr 2011 Straits Times report of your comments on the opposition.

Dear Mr Yaacob,

You said the PAP didn’t just talk but actually performed. When you explained to the people of Singapore on the occasion of the first of the Orchard Road floods that it was a once in fifty years event, were you talking only or did you actually perform something? If you performed something, how come the flooding came again?

Dear Mr Lui,

You said the PAP is like large trees protecting the village of Singapore from sun and wind. But the PAP trees couldn’t prevent the price of the attap houses in the village to suddenly shoot up into stratosphere. The PAP trees couldn’t prevent the village thief from escaping. The PAP trees couldn’t prevent the village’s Orchard Road from being flooded. So much for the PAP trees.

You said pretty colourful mushrooms sprout once every five years to tempt villagers to remove the trees. What kind of lousy story is that? When mushrooms sprout, people either collect them and eat them or they don’t. Since when have people cut down trees just because mushrooms have sprouted? Must be a very scared tree isn’t it to be scared of tiny mushrooms? You said some of the mushrooms are poisonous. The mushrooms are not poisonous, they are tasty and have good medicinal value to cure the ills brought about by the trees. It is the snakes hiding in the trees that are poisonous.

Dear Mr Lee Boon Yang,

You said slogans won’t fill stomachs. Perhaps that is why we are still hungry after slogans like “The Swiss Standard of Living” and “Stop at Two”?

You said the WP as the co-driver will slow down the driver by engaging in endless debate. Where is the driver in a rush to? Has he found out where the passengers want to go? You see, the driver is a foreign talent who doesn’t understand our language. That is why we need a co-driver to translate and to convey the passenger’s instructions to the driver.


2 Responses to “All slogans, no action, says PAP team of Workers’ Party”

  1. aunty Says:

    I, aunty, thank the writer for saying what aunty dun know how to say.

  2. True Singaporean Says:

    Mushroom grows on dead wood. The mushroom are sprouting because there are lots of dead wood around.

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