MM: Critical choice for Aljunied voters

Dear MM Lee,

I refer to the 30 Apr 2011 Straits Times report of your comments at Tampines GRC.

You said you have no doubts that if Aljunied residents choose the opposition, they have five years to ruminate and to regret their choice. Why are you so sure? Is there something you can do to hurt them? Would you hurt them just because they didn’t choose you? Wouldn’t that sound like a spurned lover threatening to take revenge? He will only end up showing what a sore loser he is.

You ask if residents would prefer a team with only MPs versus a team with two ministers. There is no reason why residents wouldn’t prefer an MPs only team which will be dedicated to serving the needs of the residents. Ministers, given how busy they should be, would be spending most of their time away from residents instead.

You said Aljunied residents should ask why Hougang flat prices are not as high as those of neighbouring places. Aljunied residents already know as do the rest of the country. So instead of asking the obvious, why not get Aljunied residents to ask why do they have to sell their votes in return for something that should rightfully be for the whole country? Why not ask if HDB upgrading is in return for voting the PAP, wouldn’t that make HDB upgrading a form of vote buying? Wouldn’t that be a form of corruption? Wouldn’t that stain the PAP’s white on white?

You said you have reservations about Mr Chen’s ability to connect with people. But you also expressed the same reservation about Mr Tharman when he first started. That reservation proved unecessary and similarly, Mr Chen will prove your reservation to be unnecessary.

You ask how is Mr Chen going to connect with us after being away for 30 years? Actually, you should ask your own party how they are going to connect with us since they keep steering this country in directions that we do not wish to go.

You said only a capable government can protect the value of our property and so on. But only a wise government knows that pumping property prices up and up is a sure way to ruin the country and our government has done precisely that.

You ask if we want a First World government or a First World parliament as though we must choose between the two. We don’t have to choose between the two. We deserve both a First World government and a First World parliament. Without a First World parliament, we can’t have a First World government.

You claim we’ve got a First World government because every one of our ministers is comparable to those of developed countries. Are you comparing Mr Mah Bow Tan with ministers in Ireland to see who can jack up property prices higher? Which minister are you comparing Mr Wong Kan Seng with to show who can allow a more stupendous terrorist escape?

You ask if the opposition can produce a First World government. Can you instead show why the opposition can’t produce a First World government? You said you don’t want to degrade the opposition but you still call them a Third World or a Second World opposition. We used to have First World opposition and opposition candidates in the likes of Mr JB Jeyaratnam and Mr Francis Seow. They have either been bankrupted or have been forced to run away. That kind of Third World tactics you only see in Third World countries. Despite such severe culling, the opposition continues to survive and if Singaporeans give them a chance, they will grow into a First World opposition.

You said if the opposition wins, Aljunied will have to live with the results and that that is the only way people learn – through paying a price. Residents of Potong Pasir and Hougang have been living with their results and paying the price for the past unteempth years. But they have never learnt. History seems to suggest that once people start to live with the results, they will soon realise that they can actually live with the results and will continue to pay the price of justice for as long as it takes.

I salute the people of Potong Pasir and Hougang for not bowing to tyranny.


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