‘No other Govt has served its people thus’

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 30 Apr 2011 report on new PAP candidates Mr Lawrence Wong and Ms Foo Mee Har.

Mr Wong said that top firms like Shell and ExxonMobil came to Singapore because of our sound and stable government. Actually, when Shell first set up shop here in 1891, the PAP government wasn’t even around yet. Later during the early years of the PAP government when there was hardly any track record of sound and stable government to speak of, it was Dr Albert Winsemius who helped bring Shell refinery into Singapore.

Mr Wong then said that as a result of our sound and stable government, jobs were created and wages have gone up. Mr Wong neglected to mention the part played by Dr Winsemius. It was he who came up with our economic plan for bringing in investments and to manufacture for export. So we should really thank Dr Winsemius instead. It is sad that we have not been thanking the person who showed us the way. We have been thanking the wrong person all these years.

Mr Wong claimed that our health-care is admired by leaders from around the world who supposedly ‘knew’ that our system worked whereas theirs didn’t. If our system worked while theirs didn’t, why did Mr George Yeo send his leukemia stricken son to the US for treatment? Clearly there is a mismatch between what others see in our system versus what our system really is. Leaders from other countries are mostly admiring the low cost of our health system. But when it comes to quality, we all know that cheap is seldom synonymous with high quality. Our healthcare system is of high standards no doubt but when you have Mr George Yeo’s son going to US for treatment instead of doing it in Singapore you know we are really not quite there yet.

Mr Wong asks which other government in the world takes care of its people the way the PAP does? Actually, most European countries take better care of its people because retirement is paid for by the state whereas here, the PAP wants us to sell our houses to fund retirement.

Ms Foo spoke of the government’s steady hand through the recent financial crisis which ensured that our country emerged unscathed. Actually, all of East Asia emerged unscathed, PAP government or not.


4 Responses to “‘No other Govt has served its people thus’”

  1. deborah Says:

    Even Communist China currently has a pension plan for the retired and old.

  2. patriot Says:

    Can’t blame Wong for his misunderstanding of the history of Sin, he is either misinformed, wrongly educated in local history or he has not taken history lesson about Sin.
    By the way, me thinks he was not using his brain when he spoke.


  3. Xmen Says:

    On the recent financial crisis, I believe Singapore did much worse than the other countries because of its investments in failing European and American banks. To date, there is still no accounting of the loss incurred as a result of their so-called “investments.”

  4. saycheese Says:

    The wrong cunt is singing the same tune that the C-nile MM is singing.

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