What if PAP fails to form government​?

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 6 May 2011 letter by Mrs Doreen Chang.

Mrs Chang fears the possibility of a freak result. Year after year the PAP warns of a freak result. Year after year we only have a miserable two or so opposition MPs. Please get real, Mrs Chang. We are sick and tired of the ‘freak result’ that never happens.

Mrs Chang says she is worried because it concerns her children. If she is truly concerned with her children’s future, she should take Mr Mah Bow Tan to task for allowing HDB prices to spiral out of control.

Mrs Chang says the big picture is that the PAP has served Singapore exceptionally well and that our progress within 50 years is nothing short of amazing. In other words, Mrs Chang is asking the people of Singapore to consider PAP’s work over the last 50 years. But PAP’s work over the last 50 years includes the work of people like Dr Goh Keng Swee. Are we voting for Dr Goh Keng Swee on Saturday? We are not. The work of PAP in the earlier decades would have been encapsulated in the civil service already. What we should be voting for is the work of present PAP ministers. Have they been up to scratch? Clearly not all have been. For those who have not been up to scratch, it is Mrs Chang’s duty to vote them out for the benefit of her children.

Mrs Chang pointed to Singapore’s successful weathering of the recent crisis. But the PAP has credited that to new PAP candidate Mr Heng Swee Keat. At most, that can only be reason to vote for Mr Heng, not for any other PAP candidates.

Mrs Chang claims that the opposition is short on concrete plans. Does Mrs Chang really understand Mr Tan Jee Say’s economic plans? Mrs Chang claims that the opposition is rousing emotions to win votes. Is Mrs Chang blind to the PAP’s emotion rousing? Mrs Chang claims that the opposition does not expect to execute their plans. What proof does Mrs Chang have to say that?

Mrs Chang claims that Mr Low wants to be more than just a co-driver because he is attempting to knock out the key driver of Mr George Yeo. But Mr Yeo is just one of many key drivers. Even if Mr Yeo gets knocked out, Mr Low will still not be allowed to drive.

Mrs Chang claims that if Mr Low is sincere about being an alternative voice, he should accept being a Non-Constituency MP. Does Mrs Chang want Mr Low to be a voice with no bite?

Mrs Chang claims there is no balanced opposition party. Does she even know what balance is? Does she think that the PAP’s constant squeezing of the people is ‘balanced’?


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