DPM: Track record goes back 20 years

Dear Mr Wong,

I refer to the 6 May 2011 Straits Times report of your election remarks.

You said with the exception of Mr Chiam See Tong, your SPP opponents were unknowns that only surfaced two months ago. But the same can be said about all the new PAP candidates who also surfaced about two months ago.

You said the PAP track record in Toa Payoh goes back two decades. But Mr Chiam See Tong’s record also goes back decades.

You said your opponents do not have a concrete 5 year plan. A concrete plan requires concrete national funds. Since the PAP government unscrupulously denies national funds to the opposition, why ask the obvious? Why not ask what Mr Zainul Abidin always asks: are we Singaporeans?

Dear Dr Ng,

You said choosing an MP or a government is like choosing a bank and no one chooses a bank with no track record. You have to at least distinguish between an MP and the government. The former is a person, the latter is an organisation. In the case of choosing the MP, we can follow your analogy and liken it to choosing a bank service staff. There is no need to choose, they are all the same. If you liken choosing the government to choosing a bank, then there is also no cause for worry because people can comfortably switch between OCBC, DBS or UOB.

You claimed the opposition is suggesting to draw on reserves to pay for transport, healthcare and housing. The former two I have not heard before, but the last one is a baseless claim made by Mr Mah Bow Tan. Lowering the price of flats will perhaps lower future addition to already fat reserves, not draw on reserves.

You asked for a fair chance to engage voters. You mean the SPH juggernaut’s leaning towards the PAP is not fair enough to the PAP? If the PAP wants to be fair, it should allow for newspapers independent of the SPH or any other government linked companies.

Dear Mr Zainudin,

You said the top priced flat in Toa Payoh fetches $700,000 while that in Potong Pasir fetches only $500,000. You are not comparing apple to apple. The top priced flat in Toa Payoh was built in the late 1990s or in the new millenium. The top priced flat in Potong Pasir was built in the mid-1980s. The top priced Potong Pasir flat is more than 10 years older than the top priced Toa Payoh flat. You should compare the top priced flat in Potong Pasir with a similar one in Toa Payoh. Even if the Toa Payoh flat is pricier, how can anyone who owns a half-a-million-dollar Potong Pasir flat feel pathetic or worthless about what he owns?


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