Opposition rapped for likening politics to soccer

Dear Ms Grace Fu,

I refer to the 3 May 2011 Straits Times report of your election campaign remarks.

You said the SDP mindset is to play for 90 minutes then relax after that. If you disagree with their football analogy, why don’t you continue to climb the stairs in your ward like you did during the election campaign every day for the next five years?

You said the SDP has different tactics and different values. But Mr Lim Boon Heng cried over the building of the casinos. He supposedly had a different value compared to those who rooted for the casinos. The PM says that the new appointment holders are supposed to give a fresh approach to the various ministries. How can they give a fresh approach when they are just having the same tactics?

You said the opposition is like insurance agents who show up once every five years. Given the extra pounding of stairs you do once every five years, you sure sound like the insurance agent that you are describing.

You reminded the people of Mr Chee Soon Juan’s heckling of PM Goh many years ago and you said that the SDP has been repackaged but essentially the same. What is still the same? I don’t see any more heckling.

You said the Jurong Lake District is an uncut diamond. Should aspiring home earners worry that once the diamond has been cut, it will be sold at diamond jewellery prices?


One Response to “Opposition rapped for likening politics to soccer”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I am very puzzled by the silence of the professional bodies of the insurance industries. I suspect the office holders for these organisations are cowards, worried that they will get into trouble if they make rebuttals and call for an apology from Grace Fu.

    We can see from her ‘clarification’ that she is not at all sorry for what she said about financial advisors.

    It is only right that to protect the good name of the insurance industry, the people from the insurance fraternity demand for an official apology from Grace Fu. Letting the matter rest only serve to admit that her accusation is absolutely true.

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