SM Goh urges voters to take a long-term view

Dear SM Emeritus,

I refer to the 6 May 2011 Straits Times report of your election comments.

You said Singaporeans should ask:

(1) Who could form the best government to solve the nation’s immediate and long term problems?

But the nucleus of the new generation of leaders comes from the civil service. The civil service is there to stay regardless of which party forms the government. Hence, the answer to your question is the civil service could form the best government regardless of which party it serves.

(2) Who could run town councils and look after estates?

Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong have proven that they can. They also didn’t loose any of their town council money unlike some PAP town councils which did.

(3) Who could best represent the people in parliament?

Definitely not Dr Balakkrishnan who will only ask the people if they want to eat in a coffee shop, food court or restaurant. Definitely not PAP yes men and yes women.

(4) Will there be political stability or uncertainty?

You think too highly of Singaporeans. We are not the gungho type who would fight street battles with the government like elsewhere.

(5) Will the country be politically united or divided?

You bully opposition wards so jiat lat you still have the cheek to ask for political unity?

(6) Can we attract investments?

That question is no longer sufficient. We should ask: can we attract the right investments? Can we grow our own indigenous enterprises so that we can be less dependent on investments?

(7) Can we grow the economy?

That question is no longer sufficient. We should ask: can we grow the economy sensibly and responsibly?

(8) Can we create sufficient well-paying jobs if there is no stability?

Since we have stability, this question is irrelevant.

In addition, you also said that you would readily place the future of your children and grandchildren in the hands of the ministers and office holders because you know them. The problem is, most Singaporeans do not know the ministers or office holders personally. How to place our children’s future in their hands then?


One Response to “SM Goh urges voters to take a long-term view”

  1. Ron Says:

    Hi Mr Ng,

    Thanks for writing and also sending them to the ST forum.

    Could you also write to the gov and ST and ask them to air the parliament sittings in full & live instead of the edited clips during the end of news?

    I felt it’s important for singaporeans to take ownership of this country and be aware of what policies are being tabled and passed, also to know whether their MPs are asking the right kinda qns.. On a side note, since they stopped airing it live I reckon that’s where everything starts decaying back than..

    Thanks and keep writing…

    God bless,
    Ron Tan

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