Don’t marry the wrong party, says Lim Swee Say

Dear Mr Lim Swee Say,

I refer to the 6 May 2011 Straits Times report of your election comments.

You asked the electorate to shun the opportunistic suitor who promised the sky. But your WP opponent suitor promised to be our voice. He didn’t promise the sky so why shun him?

You said the PAP suitor is sincere and can offer long term happiness. Which suitor will say he is not sincere? How do you prove your sincerity beyond offers of money? You think money can buy long term happiness?

You said Singapore is like Chelsea or Manchester United of the Global Premier League. But Chelsea’s and Manchester United’s positions required tons of money to purchase and to maintain. Will our position in the Global Premier League cost more than the people are prepared to pay for?

Dear Ms Jessica Tan,

You said East Coast MPs were able to put up a strong case to government agencies to push for upgrading. No matter how strong a case opposition MPs put up, they will never receive upgrading. So it is not a matter of how strong or how weak a case the MPs put up but whether they are PAP MPs or opposition MPs.

Dear Mr Raymond Lim,

You said the PAP can offer plans that the WP team lacked. That’s because the PAP holds the nation’s purse string and is using it to forward PAP objectives. That’s fundamentally wrong and unacceptable. Doesn’t Mr Zainul Abidin always ask: “are we Singaporeans?”

You said voting the WP will lead to gridlocks. But voting for you five years ago also led to gridlock on Singapore roads. You said the people will end up as losers if they vote for WP. Actually, it is the PAP who is the loser, the sore loser who threatened Singaporeans with five years of rumination and repentance.

Dear Dr Maliki,

You said Singapore is more welfare-oriented than any other country. But we are well known for treating welfare as a dirty word. Are we more dirty than any other country?


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