Groupthink​: What about WP candidates​?

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 6 May 2011 letter by Mr Toh Cheng Seong.

Mr Toh accuses the Workers’ Party of groupthink because they all sing the same party line: “First World Government”. What kind of logic is Mr Toh driving at? If a company’s mission statement is to “Make a difference”, and all employees strive to “Make a difference”, are all employees guilty of groupthink? Even if all employees share the same mission statement, it is unlikely they would have the exact same judgment to the multitude of everyday issues confronting the company. That is the litmus test for groupthink. It stems not from having a shared vision or mission but from the lack of independence and diversity at solving everyday problems. Therefore, having the same party tagline doesn’t condemn the Workers’ Party to groupthink. Instead, having unity of voice on each and every occasion condemns the PAP to groupthink.

Mr Toh accuses the Workers’ Party of being tied to the party’s whip in parliament. But Mr Low Thia Khiang has never used the whip on Ms Sylvia Lim in parliament.

Mr Toh asks if Mr Low has ever supported government policies that benefit Singaporeans. Has Mr Toh forgotten that in the last parliamentary debate, Mr Low supported the government returning funds taken from our reserves?

Mr Toh claims that many multi-party democracy co-drivers disagree for the sake of disagreeing but he doesn’t provide any example. He should provide an example so that we can write to the ambassador of that country and see what the reply will be. Even if there are truly examples of co-drivers disagreeing for disagreeing’s sake, Mr Toh hasn’t shown why the Workers’ Party would belong to that category.


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