Ultimately​, good stems from us, not the politician​s

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to the 7 May 2011 letter by Mr Ang Wu Chye.

Mr Ang seems to embrace the notion that a more educated and informed society should churn out more positive rather than negative comments. If that is the case, North Korea must be the most educated and informed of all societies since it churns out practically nothing but positive comments.

Both positive and negative comments are important for us to recognise the good and the bad of our society so that we can continue to promote the good and minimise the bad. Online media appears to display more negative comments because it is the only outlet available for negative comments. On the other hand, positive comments are so lavishly displayed on printed and television media, they hardly need repeating in online media.

Mr Ang asks us to remember courtesy and graciousness as though we are being discourteous and disgraceful when we show displeasure at being treated like mere workers to be used to achieve GDP growth and reserve accumulation. What should we do? Show courtesy and graciousness to those who have been taking us for granted and who have shown neither respect nor graciousness to us? By doing so will the situation improve?

Mr Ang questions if we have been treating our parents well, keeping our parks clean, adopting a happy and contented mindset and appreciating our parks and gardens? Does Mr Ang think that by doing all these, our problems will disappear? Many of our problems are caused by inappropriate or inadequate national policies. How does Mr Ang expect us to overcome these problems by treating our parents well and keeping our parks clean? If we treat our parents well, will HDB flats become more affordable? If we keep the parks clean, will transport become better?


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