Why opposition MPs can’t be advisers to grassroots bodies

Dear Ms Ooi,

I refer to your 31 Aug 2011 letter to the Straits Times.

You said the PA’s mission is to connect the people to the government and so the government has to appoint grassroots advisers who can play that role well. Since your reasoning involves connecting to the government and not to the PAP, it is imperative that the PA appoints someone who can connect us to the government and not to the PAP. Suitable persons would be government officials or civil servants. PAP candidates who do not hold government posts would not be suitable to play such a role since they are not even part of the government to begin with and therefore cannot claim to be doing things in the interest of the government. As PAP members, they can only claim to be doing things in the interest of PAP. Appointing PAP candidates with no government posts as grassroots advisers would be fundamentally wrong.


7 Responses to “Why opposition MPs can’t be advisers to grassroots bodies”

  1. shornlock Says:

    Well, PAP members -are- members of the party presently in government. Weak, but what to do?

    • trulysingapore Says:

      If your wife works for the Minstry of Finance while you work for CitiBank, does that make you a government employee? Certainly not. Similarly, just because you belong to a party which has some members in the government doesn’t make you a government official. It doesn’t make you a part of the government.

  2. Alan Wong Says:

    官字倆個口, meaning the chinese word for ‘govt officer’ has 2 mouths.

    The only way to stop all these govt officials from talking cock is to vote for more opposition into parliament.

    They just created another post for WKS just like in the past they created posts like MM, SM and now SME. The funny thing about all these posts is that they can do without them anytime as if they are redundant in the first place.

    They are definitely living up to its newly acclaimed status as the Pariah Action Party of Singapore.

  3. oute Says:

    Aiyah, teochew MP Low Thia Khiang cannot be the same as Keechiu MP mah. That is why cannot work together

  4. Pedro Bayer Says:

    Just thought you should know that the majority in parliament FORMS THE GOVERNMENT. Just saying. kthnxbai.

    • trulysingapore Says:

      So if I join the PAP today I suddenly become part of the government? What is my government role? Nothing. I could be a sleeping PAP member for goodness’ sake. So I stress again, while the PAP forms the government, only particular PAP individuals form the government. Not the entire PAP.

  5. fabrizzo Says:

    yeah i dont understand where the director is getting at.why would opposition not be able to connect with the people?and if the policies are for the people,what reason would they have to oppose?their best bet is to gain more welfare for the people.

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