WP speeches met with robust response from PAP MPs

Dear Mr De Souza,

I refer to the 19 Oct 2011 Today report on your comments in parliament.

You asked Mr Giam not to throw the baby out with the bath water. It is not Mr Giam but the PAP whom you must ask not to throw the baby out with the bath water. When HDB first started, it built flats affordable to the people. Today, it builds flats pegged to market prices that enrich government coffers. In so doing, the PAP has thrown out the baby that was the HDB of yesteryears and replaced it with the current HDB Incorporated which is master at squeezing ever more money from the people.

You said our housing is the envy of many first world countries. Name those first world countries. Show us surveys of American or Canadian expatriates so we may see to what extent they prefer the small sized yet expensive apartments they are squeezed into now compared to the huge bungalows they have back home.

You said it is unfair to say that the PAP has failed in housing based on the strong foundations upon which we were built. But those foundations were built by our forefathers. The flats today are mostly built by previous leaders like Mr Lim Kim San. When will the present PAP government ever stop basking in the glory of previous generations and start asking themselves what exactly have they contributed to housing today other than sky high property prices? There is very little that the present government has to show to refute the nationwide belief that it has failed miserably in housing the people.

You may think that Mr Giam is fine tuning PAP policies. But changing from market driven HDB prices to HDB prices set in accordance to median incomes is a fundamental change in policy, not a fine tune of policy. So it is not a tacit concession but an outright rejection of flawed PAP policies.

While we may have scaled much with this government, the similar scaling that has taken place in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea without a similar PAP styled government suggests that we could have scaled as much if not more without this government.


One Response to “WP speeches met with robust response from PAP MPs”

  1. Anon Says:

    Sigh…the problem with having a useless newspaper company…they use words like ‘rebutted’ and ‘debunked’…while all the PAP MPs were doing was to shoot wildly from the hip.

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