Govt pledges better life for all

Dear Istana Office,

I refer to the 11 Oct 2011 report on the president’s speech at the opening of the 12th parliament.

Dr Tony Tan urged Singaporeans to think through issues, weigh the options and make compromises and choices. Dr Tan should urge the government to do so instead. It is because the government didn’t think through issues, didn’t weigh the options and didn’t make compromises and choices that resulted in the undesirable outcomes today.

Dr Tan warned against the use of the new media to spread misinformation and amplify intemperate voices. Is new media spreading misinformation or the inconvenient truth instead? Is new media amplifying intemperate voices or merely providing a channel for real voices from the ground to be heard?

Dr Tan urged all sides to take a long term, national perspective and put society’s interests above their own. Is the government putting society’s interests above its own by paying itself million dollar salaries? Is Dr Tan putting society’s interests above his own by accepting a multi-million dollar salary? Does national perspective mean sacrificing the wellbeing of the people? Does long term mean grow-at-all costs?

Getting our politics right doesn’t mean getting the opposition to acquiesce to the PAP government. That will not lead Singapore to progress but will lead Singapore to ruins.


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