Help resolve contradict​ion

Dear Dr Balakrishnan and Mr Lui Tuck Yew,

I seek you kind assistance to help resolve what seems to be a contradiction. Dr Balakrishnan, you said lowering rentals won’t lead to lower hawker food prices because hawkers are people making a living who will charge what the market will bear [1]. Mr Lui, you said placing taxi COE under the small car category is a concession to keep taxi rentals low [2].

If we apply Dr Balakrishnan’s logic on Mr Lui’s case, taxi companies are also run by people making a living who would also charge what the market will bear regardless of COE concession. That will go against Mr Lui’s claim that a COE concession helps keep taxi rentals low.

If we apply Mr Lui’s logic on Dr Balakrishnan’s case, lowering rents is a concession to hawkers that will keep hawker food prices low. That will go against Dr Balakrishnan’s claim that lowering rents won’t lower hawker food prices.

Or are you saying that hawkers and taxi company CEOs are essentially different breeds of people? Hawkers are passionless capitalists who would charge what the market would bear rather than pass on concessions to customers while taxi company CEOs are compassionate socialists who would not charge what the market would bear but would pass on concessions to customers?

Thank you

Ng Kok Lim

[1] Straits Times, 7 Mar 2012, In brief (LOWER RENTS MAY NOT WORK)

‘I don’t believe that simply lowering rentals itself will necessarily lead to lower prices charged by hawkers because at the end of the day, they are people making a living and they will also try to charge what the market will bear.’

[2] Straits Times, 8 Mar 2012, In brief (No change to give some COE advantage)

Mr Giam also asked why taxi COEs come under Category A – for small cars – and not Category B, which is for cars above 1,600cc.
Allowing bids for taxi COEs to fall under Category A is ‘a concession that is given in order for (taxi) rentals to be kept low’, said Mr Lui.


2 Responses to “Help resolve contradict​ion”

  1. Clarence Says:

    If this what the gahmen reason for their policies, all the more it shows how disconnected and living in ivory tower they are. It is really astonishing to see how their thinking is so twisted when they are been millions to toll the line and they quietly implemented their policies based on such PAP thinking. Are they really think that Singaporeans are daft to accept such nonsense ?

  2. Clarence Says:

    To have them give such a twisted logics all this while show that they are really really testing our patience.

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