Desmond Choo: Change has begun

Dear Mr Desmond Choo,

I refer to the 27 May 2012 Straits Times report of your comments after losing the Hougang by-election. You said the slightly increased share of PAP vote is a sign that more people in Hougang agree with your vision. The table below shows that the slight increase amounts to 157 voters or 0.7% of Hougang voters.

WP PAP Spoilt votes Total votes Total valid votes WP % PAP %
2011 14,833 8,053 261 23,147 22,886 64.80% 35.20%
2012 13,447 8,210 294 21,951 21,657 62.10% 37.90%
Change -1,386 157 -33 -1,196 -1,229

Thus, after giving out free porridge, free hearing aids and $100,000 toilet upgrade from Rotary Club, you only managed to increase your votes by less than 1%.

Out of the 1,386 votes that WP lost, only 157 were lost to you. Another 33 were lost to increase in spoilt votes and the remaining 1,196 simply vanished into thin air. Thus, while it may seem like your vote share increased by 2.7%, in actual fact, it only increased by 0.7% or 157 votes.


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