ST Editor replies: We believe our coverage of the Hougang by-electio​n was balanced and fair.

Dear Straits Times,

I refer to your reply to Mr Low Thia Khiang’s 30 May 2012 letter to you.

You said you believed that your coverage of Hougang by-election was fair and balanced. But fair or not, balanced or not is not for you to say but for readers to judge.

You said the photo showing Mr Png Eng Huat, the man in the middle of the controversy, framed by his party leadership dramatically summed up the story of that day. But that was only half the story and not even the most dramatic part of it. The other half and the more dramatic part was Mr Teo Chee Hean making those dramatic accusations. So to be fair, you should have placed a photo of Mr Teo Chee Hean, perhaps smiling, making those accusations side-by-side the photo you chose.

You claimed to have acted with circumspection. Again, self-praise is no praise.

You claimed to have reported news dispassionately. Then why use phrases like “After a dramatic 24 hours” instead of just “After 24 hours”? Why so drama?

You also claimed to have reported news objectively. But depending on your objective, what is objective to you may not be objective to readers.


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