Happy 47th Independence Day, Happy 193rd Birthday, Singapore

We are all born helpless and dependent on our parents to feed us and to take care of us. We go through a long period of growth, learning and development to become independent. For some independence means the day we complete our schooling and start earning our own living and not depend on our parents for pocket money. For others, independence means the setting up of our own families. Whatever the case may be, we count our age from the day we are born, not the day we became independent.

In the same token, Singapore was born in 1819 and gained independence in 1965. We should count our age from 1819, not 1965. While we celebrate 47 years of independence, let’s also celebrate 193 years of age.

  • Happy 47th independence day, Singapore
  • Happy 193rd birthday, Singapore
  • Let us not forget that independence was thrust upon us when we were kicked out of Malaysia. For that we have to thank Tungku Abdul Rahman. Above all, let us thank the one and only true founding father of Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles.


    2 Responses to “Happy 47th Independence Day, Happy 193rd Birthday, Singapore”

    1. Jagash Says:

      Agree that National is not Singapore’s birthday.
      However 1819 is also not Singapore’s birthday. Long before 1819, Singapore already existed. We do not know when this island of ours was born. Cheers!

      • trulysingapore Says:

        The history of Sang Nila Utama founding Singapura is a semi-myth. There is some archaeological evidence of Singapore, then called Temasek, being a port in the 14th century. Parameswara was said to have fled to Temasek in the 1390s but he was chased off and fled to found the Sultanate of Malacca which Singapore became a part of. After that Singapore became a part of the Sultanate of Johor. But the Portuguese burnt down Singapore in 1613 and it was not until 1819 that Singapore began to fluorish again.

        We thus find a distinct discontinuity between the older civilization that existed till 1613 and the newer civilization which began in 1819. Our current civilization is one that began in 1819 which is thus our birth year.

        It’s the same thing with France, Britain or Spain. They were part of the Roman Empire which died out. Their respective ages count from the time of the death of the Roman Empire, the influx of new peoples and the creation of a new history, new civilization.

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