Public servants are citizens too

It was reported that public servants have to get official permission to talk about government policies publicly [1]. But public servants are invariably citizens too. They do not cease being citizens simply because they are serving the public. We are not talking about state secrets or sensitive information but public policies that affect us all. Citizens, including public servants, are the rightful owners of this country who should have the final say on the policies they want for this country. The country belongs to citizens, not to the government, the political party or the politician. Citizens, including public servants, have the right to say what they want for this country simply because they own this country. If they are muzzled and prevented from saying what they want to say, it means their rightful position as owners of this country has been usurped from them. We must not let our country degenerate into one where the people are doing the state’s bidding rather than the other way around. Public servants serve the public, not some political masters. They should be allowed to speak up on behalf of and in the interest of the public.

[1] Straits Times, Civil servants can take part in dialogues, 16 Oct 2012
A GAG order on some 76,000 civil servants has been lifted so that they can contribute to the Our Singapore Conversation (OSC) dialogues.
They can now talk about government policies publicly at these dialogues. Previously, they would have had to get official permission to do so.


One Response to “Public servants are citizens too”

  1. oute Says:

    No, they are not. They belongs to the PAP lah, even former MM Lee says so. Are you doubting his words.

    Look at the pay increase and benefits that they are receiving, without asking and without fighting for

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