Hoping for no change

I refer to the 23 Jan 2013 Straits Times report “Koh said ‘no’ to PM at first”.

Dr Koh hopes that he will not change with time and will continue to be himself instead of toeing the PAP party line even when he disagreed with it. If Dr Koh himself isn’t sure he won’t change with time, how can we be sure he will be sufficiently convicted of his ideals and beliefs and not compromise on them when the time comes?

Dr Koh only has to look at his fellow medical specialist Dr Vivian Balakrishnan who was reputed to be a government critique but ended up defending government policies with the most unbelievable question “Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?”

Dr Koh’s wife says that Dr Koh wants to help people but people don’t want his help. Mrs Koh should understand that Dr Koh himself is unsure he won’t change with time. How can she be sure if Dr Koh won’t end up helping the party instead of helping the people?


2 Responses to “Hoping for no change”

  1. ;Annonymous Says:

    Indeed. How many people won`t change with time? Take LKY. He started his political career with the Progressive Party. Declared himself a socialist and co-founded the PAP with the so-called communists or communist sympathisers like Lim Chin Siong. How he ended up is a matter of public knowledge, sticking spurs into the hides of recalcitrant Singaporeans. Have anyone noticed that only in recent years has he dressed up as a Confucian gentleman, swapping his Colonial get-up that his grandfather was so fond of?.

  2. Fed-up Says:

    If one doesn’t change over time, then there’s no hope. We’ll be stuck forever and ever with the idiot policies that we have now and the same kind of idiots who make them in govt.

    In fact, it is because Sporeans dare not change – their govt – that we are all so unhappy with the way our country has been developing!!

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