The PAP logic of fighting corruption with money

The recent case of the CPIB assistant director misappropriating public money is a good opportunity for the PAP to prove their case that million dollar salaries help stamp out corruption. Going by the PAP logic, corruption could have been prevented if the CPIB officer had been paid much more. So instead of penalising the officer, the officer’s salary should be increased instead and he should continue to be allowed into casinos. If the CPIB officer cheats again, his salary should be increased yet again until a point where he doesn’t cheat anymore. At that point, the PAP can proudly tell the world that corruption can indeed be stamped out by giving the potentially corrupt officer more money than he otherwise would have gotten through corrupt means.


One Response to “The PAP logic of fighting corruption with money”

  1. ;Annonymous Says:

    The caption should be ‘LKY’s logic….’ Singapore’s social , political and economic policies are nothing but LKY’, hard truths. At the time/s of their articulation no one dared to challenge them and they carry a kind of ‘home truths’. Two is enough; intelligence is nature, not nuture; hence the graduate mothers policy, etc. The full impact of damage done by this misguided autocrat has yet to be felt. It is time to get rid of them.

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