Avoid wrong label of ‘anti-foreigner’

I refer to the 25 Apr 2014 Straits Times letter “avoid anti-foreigner route” by Elgar Lee.

Mr Lee uses the online backlash against the Philippine Independence Day event as warning against anti-foreigner sentiments. Mr Lee is mistaken; the online backlash isn’t anti-foreigner but pro-Singapore sovereignty. Speaking up for our country’s sovereignty should not be begrudged as being anti-foreigner but should be encouraged as being patriotic instead.

Mr Lee claims that the frustration with the influx of immigrants is worsened by the coincidental strain on infrastructure, inflation and rising income inequality. Mr Lee might want to add the coincidental incompetence and failure of our government to use common sense (not foresight) to plan for the influx and their coincidental blame on the lack of 20-20 vision despite the coincidental warning by the people about problems with housing, inflation and rising income for as long as these problems have existed but who have been coincidentally brushed aside as champion gripers, grumblers and cow peh cow booers.

Mr Lee insists that Singaporeans accept his philosophy that without immigrant contributions, Singapore the city state would not survive this globalised economy and claims that every country that has experienced backlash against immigrants has declined. Singapore was forced to embrace the global economy in 1965 when it was separated from its Malaysian hinterland. Yet, between 1965 and 1980, Singapore imposed the strictest immigration control ever while our economy continued to grow steadily. The notion that Singapore would not survive the global economy without immigration is simply hogwash. European economies like Switzerland and Germany have experienced immigration backlash without experiencing economic decline.

Mr Lee is right on one thing, blaming immigrants is not the answer to our problems, blaming the government is.

A declining birthrate may be worsened by massive immigration causing living conditions to deteriorate even further and encouraging even more Singaporeans to quit Singapore.


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