Crediting the wrong person

I refer to the 3 Jun 2014 Straits Times report “Experts identify 45 ‘sacred’ heritage sites”.

Straits Times credited the identification of 45 sacred sites and buildings deemed worthy of conservation by heritage experts and architects to a suggestion by Professor Kishore Mahbubani in his 10 May 2014 Straits Times column “Prepare for a political crisis”. Straits Times also reported Professor Mahbubani quoting from Professor Joel Kotkin.

But Straits Times had already reported Professor Kotkin’s call to conserve lesser known historic buildings in its 9 Apr 2014 report “Retain more heritage buildings, key spaces”. Earlier still on 22 Mar 2014, Straits Times introduced Professor Kotkin’s working paper “What is a City For?” and reported nominated MP Janice Koh mentioning that paper in parliament.

Instead of crediting Professor Kotkin, the original caller for the conservation of such places or Janice Koh for taking the issue to the parliament, Straits Times ended up crediting Professor Mahbubani.

It is the same with Singapore’s post independence economy which followed the report “A Proposed Industrialization programme for Singapore” written by Dr Albert Winsemius and his team from the United Nations but people end up crediting LKY instead.


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