How did 54% become 82%

I refer to the 19 Jul 2014 Straits Times reports “Work-life integration: Most happy but ‘more can be done’” and “The love-work imbalance”.

It was reported that local workers are quite satisfied with their work-life integration and that 82% of employees feel they are in control of their work-life arrangement.

But the accompanying ST graphics shows only 54% (42% + 12%) of employees agreeing or strongly agreeing with having the flexibility to integrate work and family life. How does the 54% who can integrate work with life translate to 82% who can control their work-life arrangement?

work life

EA chairman Claire Chiang reportedly said that these findings give the lie to recent polls painting Singaporean workers as miserable and disengaged and instead, show that Singaporeans love to work. Who is giving the lie Madam Chiang when “54% can integrate work-life” ends up becoming “82% can control work-life”?

MP Lim Biow Chuan said the contradiction between 82% who say they are in control of work-life and 84% who feel their personal life could be better if their work-life management is better is a symptom of Singaporean addiction to work. No Mr Lim, it is a symptom of Singaporeans getting caught in the rat race, striving to outdo one another in a winner takes all society. Mr Lim would be pleased to know that the contradiction is actually less because it is not 82% who can control work-life but 54% who can integrate work-life.


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