Try spontaneous human combustion instead of burials

I refer to the 3 Nov 2014 Straits Times report “Choose sea burials to free up land”.

A potentially energy saving, space saving way of handling dead bodies is spontaneous human combustion.

Supposedly employing the wick effect, the human fat can serve as the energy needed to burn itself up, even the bones to nothing more than just ashes. The heat generated can even be used to generate steam for industrial purpose or for electricity generation.

All that needs to be done is to wrap the body with a straw mat or some dry wick like material. Then like up the wick and let the fire slowly engulf and consume the body.

Straits Times, Choose sea burials to free up land, 3 Nov 2014

THE report “More opting for fuss-free burial at sea” (last Tuesday) shows that more Singaporeans are opting for sea burials because they are less cumbersome for their surviving loved ones.

Singapore’s land area will increase from 718sq km to 818sq km by 2030, but land area remains finite.

Cemeteries like Bidadari and Bukit Brown are giving way to new developments.

After 15 years, graves will have to be exhumed, and this will pose a problem if the occupants were not survived by children or grandchildren.

This is why I have asked my children to give me a sea burial.

All they have to do is set up a website, where they can upload my photographs and academic certificates.

More importantly, I hope they will remember my good deeds.

I hope more Singaporeans will opt for sea burials for practical reasons, and free up land for future development and our future generations. The needs of the living should outweigh spending resources on the dead.

Heng Cho Choon


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