Rebut TR Emeritus article “Another perspective on that Amos kid”

I refer to the 25 April 2015 TR Emeritus article “Another perspective on that Amos kid” by demonaut.

Demonaut wrote:

Almost immediately after the death of LKY, a mischievous 16-yr old kid made a video broadcast in which he spurted vulgarities at the current PM, insulted LKY and Jesus Christ and their followers.

Amos didn’t come across as being mischievous but passionate and truthful about what he feels strongly about.

Demonaut wrote:

The villain in this case is so obvious. Those who speak out in defence of the kid should ask themselves this: Would they allow a kid to go online in a video to insult they fathers or grandfathers with vulgarities?

Not so obvious. Demonaut has already condemned Amos to three villainies, two of which are not valid. While it is not courteous to spurt vulgarities, neither is it a crime to do so. While it may not please everyone that he insulted LKY, insulting LKY is similarly not a crime.

Demonaut should find comfort in the knowledge that the only father or grandfather that Amos insulted was that of LKY’s family. No matter how Demonaut chooses to think, LKY was neither the father nor grandfather of any Singaporean other than LKY’s family itself.

Demonaut wrote:

Anti-establishment, anti-govt and pro-Oppositions miscreants are blinded by hatreds so much so that they ‘heil’ the kid as their Hitler.

One wonders where Demonaut finds the cheek to insult three groups at one go as miscreants while complaining at the same time about Amos’ insult on LKY. What moral high ground does Demonaut see in arguing his case based on double standards?

Demonaut doesn’t realize that it is people like him who is being seen as heiling LKY as Hitler.

Demonaut wrote:

Now three lawyers have come forward to defend him pro bono. They base this on a noble proclamation of their profession. Who are they trying to fool? How many have they defended pro bono before? How many more after this? With legal fees being so high, every one in trouble with the law would wish to have lawyers who would defend them for free.

Demonaut has no basis to question the intentions of the lawyers defending Amos. Going by Demonaut’s logic, anyone who offers help for the first time must necessarily be insincere. That’s besides the fact that we don’t really know how many pro bono or unofficial legal advice these lawyers have already given.

Demonaut wrote:

A group has written to an outside organization for protection of the kid. A petition has been put up to garner support in defence of the kid. Who are behind these? The list reads like a Who’s Who of political pariahs.

There Demonaut goes again, effortlessly insulting others while finding fault with Amos’ insult on LKY.

Demonaut wrote:

Anti-establishment, anti-govt and pro-Oppositions activities are nothing new, especially online. But this time they have taken on a new vigor. Why? It is their first organized challenge to the govt after the death by LKY.

Demonaut deems it fit to demonize Amos’ rants but doesn’t seem to see the ridiculousness of his own rants. On what ridiculous basis does he say that Amos or others are out to challenge the government after LKY’s death? If there is real challenge, where are the protests? Where are the people at Hong Lim Park?

Demonaut wrote:

They are testing the strength of the “leadership without LKY”, just like the group of Marxist conspirators testing the strength of the new generational leadership in 1987. Perhaps, as in 1987, they are also being backed by a foreign power who has promised them political asylums should they fail.

Demonaut is even more ridiculous here. The keyword in the so-called 1987 Marxist conspiracy is the word ‘Marxist’. Where is the Marxism in the current case? If Marxism is involved, how come the petition went to the Catholic Church and not to Russia or China? The Singapore government is already doing roaring business with Marxist China and many Chinese Marxists are already in our midst.

Demonaut wrote:

If no action is taken, the situation will not just peter out. This time round, these miscreants are not just protesting for small gain. They are going for the whole hog. They want to create chaos, bring down law-and-order. They want to bring the govt down, unconstitutionally. They know they can’t win through the constitutional process.

The right response from the govt should be a show of strength. Identify and round-up all the instigators and hold them without trial. Investigate them thoroughly.

Demonaut should be careful about what he asks for. The time may come when the tide turns and the power which he goats the government to use on his fellow countrymen may end up being used on him or his children instead.

Demonaut wrote:

Do it for LKY. Do it for those who shed tears for LKY in the rain.

Those who shed tears for LKY were fooled for 50 years. So fooled to their bones they will never believe the truth even if shown the facts and figures.


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