Cynical Investor admits to being a lot less economically literate than retired GIC economist

I refer to the 11 Apr 2015 TRE article “TRE discovers retired GIC economist” by Cynical Investor.

Cynical Investor wrote:

Hopefully TRE readers start reading Yeoh Lam Keong’s pieces because he is a lot more economic literate than most of their heroes: people like Roy Ngerng, Philip Ang, Ng Kok Lim and Uncle RedBean.

TRE publishes a fair share of CI’s articles too. If CI feels that TRE readers aren’t getting sufficient dosage of economic literacy from Roy, Philip, Ng and RedBean and so recommends Yeoh’s pieces instead, then surely he must also feel that TRE readers are also not getting sufficient economic literacy from CI himself despite numerous of CI’s pieces on TRE. Wouldn’t CI, in effect, be saying that his economic literacy is also a lot less than that of Yeoh’s?

Cynical Investor wrote:

Yeoh Lam Keong’s criticisms of govt policies are founded on facts and proven (or at least academically accepted) economic models , not BS or hot air …

Isn’t CI engaging in BS and hot air when he disparaged Roy, Philip, Ng and Redbean without substantiating what he said? What does a BS and hot air like CI know about facts or economic models?

Cynical Investor wrote:

Interesting while TRE is getting less and less the place where anti-PAP cybernuts gather, TOC (never a place of the anti-PAP cybernuts: in fact TOC made it respectable and fashionable to criticise the PAP administration online, showing that it could be done in a professional manner) is becoming the Hammer on-line.

But TRE is also where CI gathers, for how could he not if he is to know that TRE is a gathering place for anti-PAP cybernuts? Why does CI insist on gathering with fellow cybernuts at TRE if he isn’t a cybernut himself?

How could it be that TOC made it respectable and fashionable to criticize PAP when it is TRE that has much higher readership?

Just by looking at CI’s own blog makes you wonder where he finds the cheek to comment about what is professional and what is not.

CI is the undisputed No. 1 shameless cybernut.


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