Singapore General Election 2015 – Your Votes Matters

I refer to the TV programme “Singapore General Election 2015 – Your Votes Matters”.

Lawrence Wong said:

This year we celebrated SG50, we look back and there is much we can give thanks for. A lot of transformation in Singapore … we have transformed from mudflats to metropolis

Lee Kuan Yew boasted to Chicago businessmen in 1967 that we were already a metropolis. We certainly did not transform from mudflat to metropolis in the two short years between 1965 and 1967. We therefore must have been quite well transformed already back in 1965. While we have continued to transform, so has many other East Asian cities.

Lawrence Wong:

Said anyone can strive and excel regardless of race or religion (under PAP)

Those conditions already existed during colonial times:

Racial Harmony In Malaya
To those who know their Malaya from one end to the other, no less than to the casual visitor, it is a constant source of wonder how so many different races and communities live and work together in the utmost harmony … we repeat, that the different communities live and work in harmony because the British system of justice and administration enables them to obtain fair play. There are no discriminatory or repressive laws, there are few, if any race prejudices in the bazaars and counting houses, there is nothing to prevent the humblest coolie from rising to great wealth – many indeed have done so …

[The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942), 26 July 1935, Page 8]

Lawrence Wong:

Said it was not easy living for his grandparents to raise seven children but they now see their children and grandchildren lead a better life.

Lawrence wasn’t comparing apple to apple. His grandparents weren’t graduates but he is. If we compare a graduate during his grandparents’ time with graduates today, life has become worse, not better.

While the lowly educated during Lawrence’s grandparents’ time could afford to raise seven children, can the lowly educated today afford to raise seven children?

Lawrence Wong:

Said Singapore is at a higher point than in 1965

So are many other nations, including Malaysia and Indonesia.

Lawrence Wong:

Said we are still a little red dot

This is an advantage to us because the percentage of small nations that are prosperous is about twice that of large nations.

Lawrence Wong:

Said we still have to earn a living through our own efforts

So too must most other First World nations

Lawrence Wong:

Said our real wages have increased

We can never know that because wages of Singaporeans are lumped together with wages of permanent residents. Permanent residents can be Americans, Canadians, Britons, Swiss, Germans, Swedes or any other nationality and when sufficient numbers of highly paid PRs are added to our resident pool, resident wages increase but not necessarily those of Singaporeans.

Lawrence Wong:

Said we are the only city in the world with hawker centres

But we are not the only city with hawkers. Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand etc have hawkers serving cheap, delicious food too. It is not because PAP built hawker centres that we have hawker food. We have been having hawker food since colonial days so no credit to PAP please.

Lawrence Wong:

Said our education is heavily subsidised

But most First World nations have free education. Our tertiary education is expensive despite subsidies. On the other hand, Germany has free education all the way to tertiary level.

Lawrence Wong:

Said electricity price is lower than in 2010

That’s because oil price is lower now than it was in 2010. Question is: is the lowering of electricity prices commensurate with the lowering of oil prices?

Lawrence Wong:

Said government is topping up Medisave accounts of Singaporeans

Only for a very small percentage of Singaporeans

Lawrence Wong:

Said there are also surveys that show Singaporeans are happy.

Only the ones commissioned by the state which are as good as toilet paper surveys

Lawrence Wong:

Said (PAP) does it with the best interest of Singaporeans at heart.

All the policies that came out after the 2011 election setback were previously shunned by the PAP. Seems like PAP’s heart swings with Singaporeans’ votes.

Lawrence Wong:

Said population growth at its lowest in the past decade

Thanks to opposition voice in parliament

Lawrence Wong:

Said skills upgrading, helping professionals to get jobs, skills future

The retrenched general manager can upgrade skill to become what? Taxi driver?

Lawrence Wong:

Said don’t want opposition for opposition’s sake

Don’t want mandate for mandate’s sake

Lawrence Wong:

Said this election is about selecting the best people

Then Lawrence must not be selected because he is clearly not the best

Lawrence Wong:

Said it’s about character, clean and corruption free, integrity and honesty, not gloss over and make politically expedient statements

In that case, Lawrence shouldn’t have made the cut because he is so fond of writing factually incorrect essays that read more like fiction (

Lawrence Wong:

Said Dr Chee Soon Juan was found to be guilty of contempt of court in 1996 but he has never accounted to the public.

What’s new Lawrence? We all know Dr Chee has been bankrupted and imprisoned a number of times. What more is there to account for? Dr Chee’s family has been forced to live a meagre living, what more you want from him? You on the other hand have never explained the many factual wrongs in your essays.

Lawrence Wong:

Said PAP is proud of track record since 1959

Sorry Lawrence, 1959 is not your record. The PAP today is not the PAP of 1959. The record is by the PAP of 1959, not the PAP of 2015. You weren’t even born yet in 1959 how to claim 1959 record?

Lawrence Wong:

Said we’ve walked this journey with Singapore

Sorry Lawrence, those who walked the journey with Singapore are already six feet underground. You weren’t even born yet when they walked the journey.

Lawrence Wong:

Said policy changes didn’t start in 2011

Even your boss PM Lee admitted he should have had better foresight and apologised to the country in 2011 and made a slew of changes immediately after that including sidelining Mah Bow Tan. Yet you deny it. What sort of integrity do you have?

Lawrence Wong:

Said PAP plans not in the short term but in the long term

The sudden influx of foreigners and sudden policy u-turns suggest otherwise.

Lawrence Wong:

Said PAP gets feedback from residents everyday

Then how come PAP didn’t get the message that Aljunied and Punggol East voters were tulan about PAP in previous elections?

Lawrence Wong:

Said Workfare started after the 97 Asian Financial Crisis, introduced Workfare in 2003 as bonus, then enlarged it and made it permanent.

That contradicts an AsiaOne Business report which states that Workfare started 10 years later in 2007.

Workfare scheme started in 2007 to supplement low-wage workers’ income.

[AsiaOne Business or Straits Times, No payouts for some with tighter Workfare criteria, 2 Jul 2014,


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